Access to cPANEL

In your portal you will be able to go straight to your cPANEL and website without logging in for ease of use and convenience.

cPANEL Tutorials

Members have access to tutorials on how to use cPANEL.

WordPress Tutorials

Access tutorials to learn the basics of WordPress such as posting and adding pictures.

Members Portal

Every member will have their own portal to communicate with their campaign manager, download their reports, pay invoices and more.

More Tutorials

Members also have access to other tutorials such as proper ways to use social media. Every month more tutorials are added as we want our members to understand and help themselves with our guidance.

Testing Tools

We have put together tools for members to see results for themselves anytime. IE: website speed, browser compatability, Search Engine Optimization on their site etc..

Website Design & SEO Company Audits

SEO MARKETING MEDIA ELITE keeps an eye on our competition as we do our members and we decided to show you what we come up with. We break down cities of website design & search engine optimization companies along with ourselves and show you the data. Everyone has the right to know how these companies own websites are set up. If they can’t keep their website optimized then how will they keep up yours?